Teacher Feature: Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis has been a part of The Guthrie family for quite a while. Mr. Davis joined the Guthrie familyjeff-davis-2 3 years ago as a tutor and part-time teacher for Guthrie Gifted. Today he is the 5th grade science and social studies teacher.

Mr. Davis entered the teaching profession 20 years ago as a high school teacher. He taught foreign languages and history in preparatory school for 7 years. He also taught his own children at home for 15 years and tutored pupils in various subjects. Mr. Davis became a teacher for the joy of teaching and considers it an immense privilege and responsibility to mentor his pupils and act as a positive influence in the development of their minds and characters.

Mr. Davis continues to pursue the study of history and languages (including English) outside of the duties of preparation for teaching. In his free time, he also enjoys hiking, camping, and off-roading, especially in the mountains. One of his favorite things to do is spend time outside with his wife, regardless of the weather!


At The Guthrie School, Mr. Davis has found colleagues who have a similar view to his regarding the joy and privilege of teaching. Mr. Davis, along with the other Guthrie Teachers, is devoted to his students, and not only to their academic progress, but also to their general well-being. He advises students to always challenge themselves with new goals and higher standards. “When you fail at something, just take it as another challenge and go back to work. Don’t forget to rest and play, since we are made to do both.”

Mr. Davis is truly passionate about his work at The Guthrie School, and we are so grateful to have such a caring teacher on our staff!