Our Curriculum


A Broad View of Our Curriculum

The Guthrie School offers courses in literature and language arts, mathematics, science, humanities, foreign language, writing, fine arts, critical thinking, and physical education. Our academic programs are determined through collaboration of teachers and administration, and we review the curriculum annually. The Guthrie School program is designed to foster high academic standards, work ethic, organization, leadership, and pride in quality work. Our faculty and administration oversee these efforts, and encourage communication and collaboration between student, school, and parents.

The Socratic and Harkness Method

Developed at Phillips Exeter Academy, The Harkness Method is used by many of the most prestigious schools in the country. Courses are taught around a large oval table, where students sit with their teachers. This method encourages discursive and Socratic learning. The Guthrie School has adopted this method to challenge our students and teach them invaluable discussion and debate skills. Around the Harkness table, Guthrie classrooms transform into personal and expressive havens.

Under The Guthrie School direction and Harkness Instruction, our students learn to listen to, speak about, and accept new ideas. The Harkness Table is the centerpiece of the classrooms and of the learning experience. Around the Harkness Table, the teacher’s role is to guide discussion, encourage critical thinking, and help students learn to develop individual opinions.