Our Faculty

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There is so much to be proud of working at the Guthrie School every day. Perhaps the most important fact you can learn about us today is how much we value and uplift our educators. They are certainly our greatest asset. A student’s style of learning varies, so it is imperative to have educators that understand and can recognize a student’s response to input. Our Socratic Method ensures our educational values are promoted and followed. But moreover, it is the value we place on our educators that ensures our method is applied correctly with every student.

Guthrie School educators are hand selected and highly valued to ensure we attract and retain the very highest quality educator possible for our students. However, we don’t stop there with our educators. Through our interview process, we have made certain we retained educators that are driven by a love of education and developing young minds, preparing them to excel at the next level. It is this pride and alignment of goals that ensure your child—our student—receives the very best education available. That is our Mission.

Below, please take time to read about some of our teachers and review their personal philosophy to get an understanding of why we are so proud of our Faculty and Staff: