Our Facilities

The Guthrie School is set on a peaceful, five-acre site near a natural creek. It is in the quiet residential neighborhood of Russell Creek in Allen, Texas. The location provides the perfect amount of tranquility and privacy to allow students to focus on their education and social interaction.

The building was purpose-built to serve as an elementary school, complete with an indoor gymnasium, outdoor hardscape for physical activities and outdoor playgrounds specifically designed for each age group. We have even included a gardening area for students to experience growing produce to learn about the process first hand. It provides another unique experience for our students.

Our building was designed with designated rooms for art, music, PE and foreign language, as well as large, comfortable classrooms. Classrooms were designed around the concept of providing a large oval table, where students sit with their teachers. This type of constant interaction provides specialized, focused learning environments that encourage direct interaction daily. To learn more about our method, click to read about The Socratic and Harkness Method.

Our physical address:
The Guthrie School
598 Old Custer Road
Allen, Texas 75013

The Guthrie School is located a block north of the Custer/Hedgcoxe Intersection.


The Guthrie School