How To Apply

Step 1

Download the application from our Apply Now page that corresponds to your child’s grade level. Complete the application, including Applicant Information form and Family Statement form, and fax, email or deliver it to the Guthrie School admissions office.

Step 2

Complete the top section of the Records Release form and submit it to an official at your child’s current school. The school should then forward an official copy of your child’s transcript, including first semester grades from the current school year along with the signed Records Release form, to The Guthrie School admissions office. The official transcript must be sent directly to us from the applicant’s current school; we will not accept forms sent by parents.

Step 3

Contact our admissions office to schedule an assessment date and time for your child. Individual placement testing lasts about an hour and a half. The application and testing fee must be paid prior to the date of assessment. The fees are $100 for Pre-K through Kindergarten and $250 for First through Fifth grades.

Step 4

The Guthrie School Admissions Committee will review your application and score your child’s assessment. We will contact you with the results of your application within two weeks of your child’s assessment.