Our Difference

our difference

The Guthrie School is different in many ways. Our school’s foundation is built upon our unique collaborative teaching method, our focus on traditional values, and the importance we place on the quality of our faculty. Moreover, we foster a strong community environment in which students develop and excel. With this understanding in mind, we developed a list of the benefits of your child attending the Guthrie School. These benefits are unique in our area, filling a need in North Dallas neighborhoods that does not currently exist.

In a simple statement, the difference we provide is our understanding of what is missing in other educational environments. It is this unique insight that enabled us to prepare an educational and family environment that is not paralleled in DFW and other North Texas cities.

Other Unique Benefits of the Guthrie School

  1. Small average class size
  2. Low overall student/teacher ratio
  3. Collaborative learning
  4. Emphasis on speaking skills and expressing opinions
  5. Developing and defending arguments
  6. Emphasis on developing strong writing skills at an early age
  7. Study habits and organizational skills
  8. Harkness Method
  9. Cross-curricular learning
  10. Challenging, multi-step problem solving
  11. Critical thinking/talented and gifted (TAG) study for all students
  12. Reading to learn in addition to learning to read.
  13. Traditional, teacher-facilitated instruction and discussion
  14. Subject specialization
  15. Foreign language

We strongly believe in the instruction of foreign language throughout the elementary grades as well as an early emphasis on Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes. Each child, beginning in Pre-K, will study either Chinese or Spanish as their foreign language.

Our Philosophy

At the Guthrie School, we follow a philosophy that is based on providing an environment that promotes and develops traditional values. The Guthrie School is designed to accelerate our students’ learning and guide them to reach their potential. Our educational philosophy centers on providing a comprehensive, dialogical approach to develop confident, well-rounded students who are competitive leaders of their community. In addition to setting rigorous academic standards, we provide a foundation and framework for meeting those expectations. Study skills and proper work habits prepare our students for future success.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers engage students on a personal level, and are devoted to refining the learning process to maximize our students’ potential. We believe that learning is a collaborative process, and our students are encouraged to interact with their learning environment. Not only are our students held to rigorous academic standards, but they are also expected to be compassionate, positive, and exceptional leaders in their community.

The Harkness Method

Developed at Phillips Exeter Academy, The Harkness Method is used by many of the most prestigious schools in the country. Courses are taught around a large oval table, where students sit with their teachers. This method encourages discursive and Socratic learning. The Guthrie School has adopted this method to challenge our students and teach them invaluable discussion and debate skills. Around the Harkness table, Guthrie classrooms transform into personal and expressive havens.

Under The Guthrie School direction and Harkness Instruction, our students learn to listen to, speak about, and accept new ideas. The Harkness Table is the centerpiece of the classrooms and of the learning experience. Around the Harkness Table, the teacher’s role is to guide discussion, encourage critical thinking, and help develop individual opinions.

Our Traditional Values

At the Guthrie School, we recognize the need to provide an environment where students experience and learn what the greater community values. As a definition, traditional values refer to beliefs, moral codes, and mores that are passed down from generation to generation. Through our teaching philosophy, our staff and the environment we provide, we foster an understanding of social interaction that focuses on the values of the families that attend our school.

Our focus is to educate young minds to become respectful young adults that understand what contributing to the community means. By example and leadership, we develop peer-to-peer relations that foster the growth of the Traditional Values we all hold important in our daily lives.

To learn more, we invite you to visit our school and meet with us directly. Contact us today at 972-596-6929 to schedule a tour. We look forward to showing you firsthand how our unique difference will prepare your young student to excel at the next level.