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Early Childhood

Early Childhood

At the Guthrie School, we believe early childhood education and development from ages three through five is fundamental for future success.

Through our Early Childhood Education Program, we strive to ensure the social, emotional, and academic development of these young students through our thoughtfully designed curriculum. Building self-confidence and enhancing a love for learning, combined with strong character development, are the hallmarks of success at Guthrie where our students are prepared to be leaders as they enter their elementary classrooms.

Key elements of Early Childhood curriculum:
  • Fine motor development; patterns, puzzles, and spatial training; gross motor development (active play and PE class)
  • Speech development; letter recognition; phonics; sight words; literature comprehension; beginning reading; vocabulary
  • Social studies and science
  • Writing (letters/numbers/words/sentences); Art; Music; Foreign Language
  • Counting, numeration, addition, subtraction


Velma Ramon

Early Childhood