About Us

Dear Prospective Family,

Thank you for your interest in our school and community. The Guthrie School is a private, co-ed school serving the needs of students from pre-school (3 years old) to sixth grade. We provide organized instruction in a small group setting with the goal of nurturing curiosity, work ethic and love of learning. Our educational goal for your child is centered around the Socratic Method, which prepares our students to excel to the next level. We believe in developing “academically elite” students that will have the confidence and skill sets required for higher education once they graduate from the Guthrie School. Our Socratic teaching style uses oval tables for small group collaborative learning.

We focus on attracting top talent in terms of our educators, verifying backgrounds and educational aptitude. In our classrooms, you will find degreed professionals who believe in our core philosophies and are driven to develop young talent to meet their potential. Along with our educationally-driven focus, we work to expand the physical competence of our students by providing opportunities for physical education and programs focused on young students.

Driven by our curriculum, staff, method and traditional values, we provide students and families with a top educational opportunity and environment. Please contact us to learn more. We are open to your inquiries by phone or email and always look forward to the opportunity to schedule an appointment with you in person.

The Guthrie School Administration