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Performing & Visual Arts

At the Guthrie School, we believe The Arts are essential to education.

As motor skills develop in children, communication begins with artistic articulation. The Arts inspire creativity and improve concentration and confidence, while providing a variety of viewpoints, opportunities for empathy and reflection, and positive civic and social behavior. In addition, The Arts are part of a well-rounded education, as studies continually show, improving academic achievement with proven gains in reading, math, verbal skills, cognition, and critical thinking.

Performing Arts

The Guthrie School believes in the education and development of the whole child and provides its students with multiple opportunities within the curriculum to build their confidence and artistic expression through performance. Guthrie School students participate in multiple class, school, and individual performances throughout the year.

Key elements of Performing Arts curriculum:
  • Music
    • Choral
    • Instrumental
  • Theatre

Visual Arts

The Guthrie School Visual Arts program focuses on developing visual and critical thinking skills through the adventurous pursuit of creativity and expression, while establishing the organization, training, and responsibility necessary to meet the learning objectives.

Beginning in Early Childhood, The Guthrie School students attend weekly art classes learning about the history and diversity of artists, artistic styles, mediums, and materials. Our program is designed to establish and build upon a technical vocabulary to be used as a means for self-expression and creativity.

Key elements of Visual Arts curriculum:
  • Art Vocabulary
  • 2D Art
    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Mixed Media / Collage
    • Printing
  • 3D Art
    • Sculpture
    • Design


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