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Family Testimonials

We are proud to share these testimonials from families who have been part of the Guthrie School experience.

Please read their testimonials to learn firsthand what it is like to have your child attend our school. We hope to meet you soon.

Our daughter Michelle attended The Guthrie School for five years and went on to The Hockaday School. She had an incredible experience at Guthrie. The teachers were dedicated, caring, and truly invested in the education and well-being of each student. The curriculum was challenging and stimulating, and it
helped our daughter develop critical thinking skills and a love for learning. The school used the Singapore Math curriculum, and we were impressed by our daughter’s solid understanding in mathematical concepts. The school also offered a variety of activities in music and art. The most memorable thing for our daughter was the grade-level music play. Each year, every grade would put on a play that showcased their musical talents and creativity. It was amazing to see the students work as a team and make the play an over-the-top success. Michelle also attended the enrichment class on writing. She loved the writing class as it combined reading, writing, and presentation, allowing her to develop a well-rounded set of skills. We truly appreciate the top-notch education the school provided while Michelle was at Guthrie.

— The Cheng Family

Jill Guthrie and her team have had a profound impact on our children’s lives. Because of the exceptional teaching skills possessed by this team, our children are all working a full grade level ahead.  However, even more importantly, these wonderful teachers have instilled a love of learning and pride in self, character traits that will last our children a lifetime. Teachers make a school; not the building. Jill Guthrie and her team are experts at motivating young children to be the best they can be, and that is why we are entrusting our three children’s education with The Guthrie School.

— The Bittner Family

One year ago, our daughter Sue’s favorite activity was watching TV programs. All her books were left on her bookshelf silent and alone. However, things changed after we sent her to Guthrie Gifted Education. Now when she has free time, she definitely goes to her bookshelf and reads one book after another. During the past year of studying with the Guthries, Sue not only developed a love of reading, she also greatly enhanced her reading and writing skills. The level of books she picks has greatly advanced. Now her favorite time every week is to meet her three best friends and her very favorite teacher, Ms. Guthrie, at Guthrie Gifted. Sue’s excellent reading skills and her love for reading and learning will be with her for a lifetime thanks to the help of Guthrie Gifted.

— The Shi Family

The teachers at GGE are some of the most competent, creative, yet caring people that I have ever encountered. I have watched my daughter soar in her academic competence and confidence and thrive in her classroom at Hockaday as a result of the solid foundation that GGE has given to her. In particular, I want to mention Ms. Roz Liberman, one of the most enthusiastic and talented writing teachers that I have seen. My daughter is a second grader whose writing was always her weakness, which created a fear in her of writing in general. Ms. Roz has only worked with her ninety minutes a week for six months; however, I have seen significant progress that has exceeded my expectations. Ms. Roz has created an engaging environment that has really stimulated both creativity and confidence in my daughter. Even more important, it is the passion for writing that she has brought to my daughter that is truly impressive to me. I must say that GGE and its teachers have helped my daughter lay a very solid academic foundation and a strong work ethic that will undoubtedly help her for the rest of her life.

— Dr. Linda Hou

We have had the privilege of Mrs. Guthrie being a part of our lives for several years now. Mrs. Guthrie’s goal has always been what is best for my children and I value her advice and seek her guidance based on her many years of experience. We have always been impressed with the school’s ability to harness the learning potential in our children. Our daughters were introduced to new concepts that were grade levels ahead and taught in a way that their young minds could absorb. The curriculum is individualized based on your child’s needs not only in language arts and math, but also higher level thinking like problem solving and critical thinking. We appreciate their philosophy to teach concepts, rather than memorization of facts. The teachers also provide structure and focus for the children in the classroom, which is best achieved in small class sizes, consistent with The Guthrie School philosophy. The Guthrie School will hold your child to a higher academic standard that is well beyond most schools.

— The Blewett Family