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Elite Academics – fostering learning, leadership, communication, and character.

Mission & Philosophy

The Guthrie School of Higher Standards: Elite Academics – fostering learning, leadership, communication, and character.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire independent thinkers who generate premium, positive outcomes at school and in their community. The Guthrie School’s elite academic programs foster the highest levels of learning, organization, leadership skills, work ethic, and communication to guide students to excel at the next level.  Our students experience classical curriculum including literature, language arts, mathematics, humanities, science, foreign language, physical education, and more. The Guthrie Community celebrates personal responsibility, good character, and genuine camaraderie.

Our faculty and administration oversee these goals, encouraging authentic communication and collaboration between the students, the school, and the parents. Believing determination and perseverance are the hallmarks of success, our small classes promote participation and provide students with a focused, interactive learning environment which guides students to an active role in learning.

The Guthrie Philosophy

At the Guthrie School, our philosophy has its foundation in a nurturing learning environment designed to promote and develop traditional values, accelerating education and work ethic and allowing every student to reach his or her potential. We provide a comprehensive, dialogical approach to guide today’s independent thinkers into becoming tomorrow’s community leaders. Our educational philosophy features classical learning, timeless values, and the framework through which students can achieve future success as they are guided by dedicated teachers who engage them by personalizing the learning process for each individual.