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Elite Academics – fostering learning, leadership, communication, and character.

Administration & Support Staff

The Guthrie School’s elite academic programs foster the highest levels of learning, organization, leadership skills, work ethic, and communication to guide students to excel at the next level.

Our faculty and administration oversee these goals, encouraging authentic communication and collaboration between the students, the school, and the parents.

When working at The Guthrie School, there is much to be proud of, and no factor is more important than the alignment of our goals with yours to ensure your child—our student—receives the best education available. Equally important to us is how much we value and uplift our educators, as our greatest asset. Each student’s style of learning is unique, making it imperative that we have educators who understand and recognize each student’s response to input.

Our approach, with the inclusion of the Socratic and Harkness Methods ensure our educational values are followed. But moreover, it is the value we place on our educators that ensures our method engages every student.

Meet our Leadership

Jill Guthrie

Head of School

Jennifer Menniti

Assistant Head of School

Cory Balch

Director of Finance

Alivyah Blaylock

Administrative Assistant

Haven Reid

Student/Teacher Support

Meredith Guthrie

Curriculum Advisor