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Elite Academics – fostering learning, leadership, communication, and character.


At the Guthrie School, our teaching philosophy incorporates the Socratic and Harkness Methods to develop a life-long love of learning in our students while accelerating their education and work ethic and guiding them in reaching their full potential.

Each Guthrie School educator is hand-selected and highly valued, ensuring we attract and retain the highest quality educators for our students. We don’t stop there! Our focus is attracting top talent, verifying backgrounds and educational aptitude. In our classrooms, students encounter degreed professionals who embrace our core philosophies and are passionate about learning and excited to encourage bright, young talent to learn and grow, preparing them to excel at the next level. Along with our educationally driven focus, we work to expand the physical competence of our students by providing opportunities for physical education, as well as the arts.

Driven by our staff, curriculum, teaching methods, and timeless values, we provide students and families with a premium educational environment overflowing with opportunities.

Meet our Educators

Velma Ramon

Early Childhood

Carey Tiff

Early Childhood

Meredith Guthrie

Lower Elementary / Primer

Diane Crampton


Sophia Jung

First Grade

Megan Tuller

First Grade

Jennifer Menniti

Second Grade

Mandy Paxton

Third Grade
Homeroom, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Harrison Geosits

Fourth / Fifth Grade
Language Arts / Humanities

Joy Gang

Fourth / Fifth Grade

Sangeetha Thangamuthu

Fourth / Fifth / Sixth Grade

Anita Qin

Chinese (Mandarin)

Gabriela Wilcox


Jeanie Adamson


Karen Karnuta


Johan Pasku

Physical Education

Cory Balch

Director of Extend

Sarah Fisher

Extend Day Staff

Haven Reid

Extend Day Staff

Meredith Guthrie

Director of Enrichment
Enrichment Teacher

Joy Peng

Enrichment Teacher

Velma Ramon

Enrichment Teacher